19 Sep

Mixtape and Disco will be playing in a double bill at The Ritzy on the 27th of September as part of this years Virgin Media Shorts final 12 screening.

The films will play alongside the shortlisted submissions from this years competition and I’m very excited to see the finalists’ work!

I’ll be there to introduce the films and to do a Q&A and it’s a pleasure to have the films screen in such an awesome cinema.

The screening has already totally sold out but if you have a ticket then I’ll see you there on the night. Awesome news for Scousers though, tickets are still available for the screening at the Fact in Liverpool, a brilliant cinema also.




19 Sep


31 Aug

What are you doing on Monday the 5th of September? That’s right, this Monday?

Well I’ll be here watching a tonne of awesome music videos and short films including a double screening of Mixtape and Disco.

Go on treat yourself.

It’s not everyday I get called  a wunderkind, which The Reel have kindly termed me on their Facebook page. Not sure I can live up to a word that literally means ‘Wonder Child’. Having said that I am definitely getting it tattooed on my face.

The Reel have been hugely supportive of my work and I’m honoured to have the shorts play as part of their festivities.

So maybe I’ll see you there yeah.

Loves ya.

L x


20 Aug

Mixtape & Disco will be playing a number of times next weekend on the Alternative Stage at both Reading and Leeds festivals, including screening before Greg Araki’s Kaboom and Aussie muso/comic Tim Minchin. Wicked.

Here are the full details if you fancy checking out the films in their first outing as a double bill:




6.40pm – Followed by Kaboom



2pm – Followed by Steve Hughes, Jared Christmas and Tim Minchin

I’m really excited about these screenings and I’ll be at Reading for the whole weekend having LOLs for breakfast. So if you see a yellow lifeboat jacket flag me down!

Also very excited to hear so much new good music, Cloud Control and Metronomy as well as Latitude favourites Bombay Bicycle Club, The Vaccines and Anna Calvi.

We also have times for Port Townsend and Branchage up on the Screenings page. Check it.


20 Aug

Disco will be playing at the Branchage IFF in Jersey next month as part of the Short Film programme. Wooyeah.

The festival is named after a hedge cutting tradition in Jersey and is totally unique, here’s what Dazed had to say about it last year.

It’s very exciting for me to be playing at this amazing festival alongside some incredible feature films and shorts including the magnificent Senna and Le Quattro Volte, not to mention live re scores, parties and other funnanigans.

I’ll be attending the festival so if you’re around come and say hello!

Screening stuff is up here as always.



19 Jul

So after a successful screening at Latitude, Disco continues on heading north to Leeds and Reading music festivals!

Disco will play after Mixtape, which is super exciting as it will be the first time the two films have screened back to back as a double bill:

See what I did there?

Full details to follow but it’s great to see the films traveling around the country together, alongside great bands and music.

This time Jarvis Cocker and Pulp take to the main stage on Saturday night.

See you there homies!

L x


18 Jul

After a super fun weekend, I’ve returned home, scraped off the mud and slept in an actual bed.

This morning I had a meal that was served on a plate. It was a strange experience after having consumed all recent meals wedged between two halves of a floury bap. It seems any cuisine can be ‘bapped’. Even whole meals like roast dinners and full English breakfasts.

Culinary delights aside, including one particular sausage that had the texture of a chubby human finger, Latitude was excellent this year. I spent most of my time bopping around in an official RNLI bright yellow lifeboat jacket which had the desired effect of making me look heroic and painfully cool at the same time. Thank god no one asked where I got it. (Thanks Granny Patricia).

So my festival highlights were many, but among them, stand out performances from The Vaccines and Bombay Bicycle Club in the word arena, sing along fun with Paolo Nutini on the main stage (Including a fantastic cover of Hot Chip’s Over and Over), hilarious diatribes from shambolic poet Tim Key and pitch perfect observations from Dylan Moran were my favourites.

Well, they were my favourites apart from Suede closing the festival on Sunday night in an absolutely ferocious display of their back catalogue. Anderson looked and sounded every bit as good as he did fifteen years ago; whatever that man is drinking I want some. He strutted around the stage totally at ease with headlining his first UK festival in over ten years. Trash, Animal Nitrate and the penultimate track, Disco’s Beautiful Ones were my picks of the set, the crowd filling in the soaring chorus’ under the command of the thrusting Anderson.

Some two hours before this, Disco had played to a packed tent over at the Bafta Film and Music Arena. I introduced the film and was super nervous about both speaking in front of a sizable crowd and how the film would play. My nerves settled after I’d finished a brief intro including speaking about what it means to me to screen the film at Latitude, in the UK for the first time, in front of Suede and alongside my friend Martin’s film Automate.

I ran from the backstage area around to the front to catch the film. It looked great. Being projected onto three screens across the tent, including a large central screen and two side screens, people laughed in the right places and got the music and the references and the overall reception was brilliant. It was also great for me to watch it with Bill and Charlie who were at the festival as well as several crew members including Ollie and Gaffers Dave and Mike. We even managed to share a page in the programme with Spike Jonze’s excellent Arcade Fire short Scenes From The Suburbs.

Automate continued the good vibes and it was great to see Martin’s film projected in front of an audience. It is a wonderfully funny and interesting film and everybody got it which was great. Sam Pamphilon’s performance, including some expert gurning, is excellent too.

All that’s left to say is a huge thank you to everyone involved with the film and a special thank you to everyone that came and supported the film and of course Tania Harrison and Latitude for booking us.

Onto the next one!