Since graduating the prestigious screenwriting degree at Bournemouth University, Luke has written and directed several short films, commercials and music videos that have been broadcast on TV and cinema screens nationwide. He has been featured in Shots, The Telegraph and The Guardian among others and was named one of Screen International’s ‘Stars of Tomorrow 2010’.

DISCO is Luke’s third short film. After the award winning PATRICK (2008) and VMS Grand Prize Winner/BAFTA Nominated MIXTAPE (2009), DISCO represents a step forward, resulting in a longer form piece with a larger cast and more detailed narrative. This has aided his progression on the route towards his debut feature film which he is currently writing.


A successful commercials producer, having produced ads for Mars, Marmite and Sky, James is an experienced member of the DISCO team. Although the film represents his first narrative venture, he is keen to continue producing drama in the future and has worked with Luke on a number of projects over the last year ranging from commercials and digital films all the way through to DISCO. They are currently working on developing their first feature project together.


Ollie has shot a number of feature films, commercials, music videos and short films. He has worked with acting talent including Tamsin Egerton, Brenda Blethyn, Timothy Spall and Danny Webb.

DISCO marks his second narrative collaboration with Snellin, after their award winning work together on MIXTAPE. They have also collaborated on a number of other short form projects including commercials for Wrigleys and LG and music videos including the first single from the self titled album for Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly.


Mark is Australian. Hence the Barbecue.

Mark has cut on ad campaigns for Hyundai, Vodafone, Smirnoff, Snickers, Marmite and Toshiba to name but a few, as well as working on a number of feature documentaries and short films.

Last year Mark joined Sam Sneade’s company Speade in London. DISCO marks his second collaboration with Luke and in his spare time is currently training to conquer mountains in Tibet by carrying poisonous flowers through snowy fields and fighting loads of bad guys.


Kave Quinn studied Fashion at St Martins and after an initial foray into the costume department moved over to design. In 1993 she joined forces with Danny Boyle, Andrew MacDonald, John Hodge and Director of Photography Brian Tufano to collaborate on Shallow Grave. She went on to work with the same team on Trainspotting and A Life less Ordinary. Her other film credits include Layer Cake, Is Anybody there?, Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel and Harry Brown.  At present working with James Watkins on “The Woman In Black”.


Music by CAST

Music Supervisor: Ben Bleet

Costume Designer: Moira Chapman

Casting Director: Anna Kennedy

Line Producer: Alice Morris

1st Assistant Directors: Jerome Franc, Andrew Potter

2nd Assistant Directors: Brendan Barry, Sasha Nathwani

3rd Assistant Directors: Mark Harris, Chris Mears

Location Manager: Graham Aza


Bill Milner – Danny

Izzy Meikle-Small – Pippa

Charlie Rowe – Greg

Lil Woods – Rachel

Louie Byford – Dominic

Bradley Ford – Dean

Mark Ellis – William

Ashley Kirs – Mysterious Girl

Joe Knight – Full Monty Boy

Darious Timmerman-Nugent – Dancing Boy

Art Directors: Jake Snellin, Damian Leon Watt

Set Decorator: Sarah Kane

Props Master: Dan Bryant, Dan Gardener

Props Buyer: Claudia Lyster

Art Department Assistants: Gina Fields, Tom Lowein Levy

Storyboard Artist: George Boyter

Concept Artists: Jade Tomlinson, Kev James

Props Transport: Flash Film Transport

Costume Stylist: Lori Wiechec

Wardrobe Assistant: Andy Shahinian

Chief Make Up: Vicky Fields

Make Up Assistant: Lucy Friend

Focus Pullers: Chris Dodds, Jason Walker

2nd A.C: Joe Steel, Callum Just

D.I.T: Jennifer Sheridan, Mo Aldamiz

Gaffers: Michael Onder, Dave Nye

Electricians: Dan Norrish, Joel Rainsley, Neil Hawkins, Alex Stephenson

Key Grips: Colin Ginger, Emmet Cahill, Dan Rake, John Rake

Video Playback: Tony Crouch, Tom Elgar

Stills Photographer: Suzie Blake

Driver: Woody

Sound Mixer: Duncan Brooker

Boom Operator: Robin Gerrard

Post Production Sound by fonicLAB

Supervising Sound Editor: Ben Cross

Foley Editor: Leyton Rooney

Foley Recording: Universal Sound

Additional Music: Rob Manning

Music Clearance: Howling Monkey

Offline Post Production Services: SPEADE

Offline Assistant: Chris Roebuck

Online Post Production Services: MPC

Online Editor: Anisa Jadwat-Reinecke

Post Production Producer at MPC: Sam Davidson

Colourist: Ricky Gausis

Special Effects by Fangs FX

Script Supervisor: Holly Johnson

Casting Assistant: Georgie North

Catering: Sundrica

Unit Production Assistant: Chris Cable

Runners: Harvey Eaton, Seb Henry, Gabriella Lowe, Anthony McCarthy, Will Nash, Clare Couchman


Written and Performed by CAST

J. Power , P. Wilkinson, L. Tyson, K. O’Neill

Courtesy of CAST


Written and Performed by CAST

J. Power , P. Wilkinson, L. Tyson, K. O’Neill

Courtesy of CAST


Written and Performed by CAST

J. Power , P. Wilkinson, L. Tyson, K. O’Neill

Courtesy of CAST


Written and Performed by SUEDE

B. Anderson, M. Osman, S. Gilbert, R. Oakes, N. Codling

Courtesy of Universal Records


Performed by WHIGFIELD

Courtesy of Universal Records


Written and Performed by CAST

J. Power , P. Wilkinson, L. Tyson, K. O’Neill

Courtesy of CAST


Written and Performed by CAST

J. Power , P. Wilkinson, L. Tyson, K. O’Neill

Courtesy of CAST


Appears courtesy of CAPCOM Entertainment, Inc

Executive Producers for the UKFC:

Rebecca Mark Lawson, Kate O’Hara

Executive Producer for 2AM Films:

Gillian McNeill

Executive Producer for Virgin Media Shorts:

Maria Kim

Background Cast

Supplied by Greycourt School, Stagecoach Agency UK, All Expressions Theatre

Alex Swaysland, Jasmine Hewavitarne, Monika Hewavitarne, Conor Brooks, Hannah Smith, Alexandra Khela, Hollie Simmons, Nicolas Cook, Kieran Dooner, Dannika Dudfield, James Firman, Panashe Mwatsiya, Lily Kneen, Tanya Hobbs, Lily Wickens, Danni Wells King, Lucy Gregory, Jeyda Davut, Thomas Brennan, Franchesca Rowe, Amber Pearce De Bono, Delphine McNicol, Xanthe McNicol, Rachel Cheng, Rhiana Field, Emma Cramp, Charlotte Lumley, Felicia Bawuah, Issac Robinson, Lottie Westgarth, Harry Gethin, Michael Thomas, Matthew Kenyon, Pranay Shah, Marsha Milovanovic, Miles Copland, Lily Rose Edwards, Gabrielle Thomas, Charlotte Taylor, Storm Kingston, Leonie McDaniel, Fergus Quinn, Oonagh Quinn

Chaperones: Alex Meikle-Small, Chris Rowe, Deb Milner, Sarah Woods, Linda Ford, Jill Ellis, Anneli James, Jennifer Beaven, Jennifer Laughlin, Rowena Bentley-Farrington

Cameras and Lenses


DISCO was shot on the RED ONE cinematography camera on location in Richmond, London, England.

Special Thanks:

Laure Brosson

Amanda Martin

Nick Crabb

Thanks: Greycourt School, Capcom, Nadira Persaud, Nike, Levis, Ben Sherman, Fred Perry, Puma, Sony Playstation, Nintendo, and Cast.

Copyright UK Film Council, Virgin Media Limited and 2AM TV Limited 2010


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