26 Sep

After flying into sunny Jersey early on Friday morning I went straight to the Societe Jersiaise where Disco was playing as part of the Growing Up segment. The film went down really well to a receptive audience, and it’s always nice to hear people’s reactions to the it.

Another highlight in the programme was Join The Dots, an original and compelling 23 minute short starring Florence Bell, who I had the pleasure of working with recently on a music video for Young Rebel Set. It tells the story of an outsider seeking a confidant or friend in a stereotypical upper class boarding school and Flo is excellent in it. It’s all really well put together.

Another talent to watch is Jersey born Todd Macdonald whose graduation film Inertia was playing. If you’re at Aesthetica in York later in the year you should definitely try and catch it, it’s Lynchian and cerebral and technically very confidently made for a 22 year old director.

After the shorts category there was plenty to enjoy in the form of films (I caught The Guard, Project Nim, The Beat is The Law, The Great White Silence) as well as an incredibly entertaining and unique mash up of the original King Kong and Rob Da Bank’s mad deckz skillz. He basically improvised a sometimes touching, sometimes hilarious, always enthralling soundtrack to the film live in the theatre. It was worth going just to see the amazingly excited reactions from the Jersey locals when pumping dub step tunes were dropped by Da Bank, basically shaking the cinema to it’s core.

All in all it was a brilliant weekend of great films, live music and local heritage and scenery which is pretty breathtaking on the whole. Thanks to everyone at Branchage for putting on such an enjoyable weekend.

In other news, Disco was also playing this weekend at the Port Townsend Film Festival in Washington where I was delighted to hear that it played on the pre roll before Taika Waititi’s (Flight of The Conchords, Eagle Vs Shark) new film Boy. It’s a great privelege for me to have Disco attached to the film as I’ve heard such great things about it and am a huge fan of Waititi’s work.

All in all a brilliant weekend for Disco!




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