21 Apr

Yesterday began with a brunch held for the filmmakers as part of closing the festival. Awards were handed out in the feature category and rightfully so to ‘Inuk’ for Best Film by a New Director and also for best Breakout Performance by the actor that played Inuk in the film. There were lots of honorary awards including 2 for feature film, Jess + Moss which I saw later that day.

Jess + Moss played at Sundance earlier in the year and started out life as a short, it then grew into a feature film as the small crew kept shooting without a script in Kentucky. It looked absolutely beautiful having been shot on partially expired and many different types of film stock. The freewheeling and experimental narrative wasn’t totally my thing but it was a really interesting and lyrical film.

I hung out for a bit to kill some time before heading to a Q&A with Gustavo Santaolalla, multi academy award winning composer of Brokeback Mountain, Amores Perros, 21 Grams, Babel and more, including most recently, Biutiful. The hour he spent talking and playing music on a small Latin instrument called a Ronroco, was completely captivating and poetic. He talked about getting a guitar at age five, about conquering different instruments and the simplicity, minimalism and silence in his music. He’s one of my very favourite composers, so it was amazing to hear him play and talk about his collaborations with Ang Lee, Innaritu and Walter Salles among others. I briefly got the chance to meet him and he was very humble and modest. Here he is in the studio with the Ronroco.

So next up was the big one, the final screening of Disco!

It was a really great screening, audience numbers were good and the film looked and sounded even better than the last screening. I’d like to thank Zack and the projectionist on that front as I asked them to crank up the volume, as a result I’ve never ever heard it sound so amazing.

Incredibly, after the program was finished, there was a demand for a repeat screening of ‘Disco’ as new audience members filed in. Despite being as late as 11pm, we screened the film again to a fresh audience. The feedback from the film was overwhelming and wonderful so I thank everyone that came out to see it here all three times including the bonus screening! Especially my fellow filmmakers who have made some absolutely brilliant films and their respect and opinion means so much to me.

After Disco we all went to Melrose for the ‘Septien’ after party, I’m seeing the film today so I don’t know much about it. All I know is, we went to easily the coolest place I’ve been since being in Nashville. Hank William’s apparently favourite hang out, it was a smoky, underground, speak easy pool hall. We listened to bands, played pool and drank and I had a great time.

Tonight is the closing night party, and I fly home tomorrow. It’s been a hell of an experience and I’d like to thank the 42nd Nashville Film Festival, 2AM Films, Virgin Media Shorts and all the filmmakers for their support. Most importantly however, thanks to all of you lot for reading this and being supportive and enthusiastic about the film, it is invaluable to me to know that people are excited about it.

I shot a roll of film documenting my week in Nashville and I’m off to Wallgreens to get a 1 hour photo on that bad boy . I’ll let you know how they turn out.

Until the next stop on the festival train!




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