20 Apr

Yesterday was a very chilled out day, I walked down to Jack White’s record shop Third Man Records. It’s tucked away just beyond a building site and you have to buzz the door to be let in. Once inside, you get it instantly, the concept, the music, everything. Nearly all of the records have been recorded and pressed in the same building, there is a recording studio and live area in the back of the shop. The idea that you’re buying music that was made there is fantastic, especially as some of the stuff is pretty rare and most produced by White himself. I decided on the new ‘Greenhornes’ album, my fascination with them has grown since I heard them play with Holly Golightly on the ‘Broken Flowers’ soundtrack.

Next I rode the bus uptown to the festival where I saw ‘Inuk’ with a bunch of the filmmakers from the festival. It was brilliant. A huge achievement considering the hardships and challenges. Made for little money, with a small crew, out on the ice in greenland, shot in only 17 days the film is a genuine triumph of filmmaking over adversity. The writing and performances are great too, considering all the cast were local non actors. I’m not sure about UK distribution but keep your eye out for it.

After this we hung out at the tent where I met the festival director Brian and some other people that had seen Disco. It was really nice to hear from people that they liked it and found it funny and enjoyable.

Then I went inside the Gibson tour bus which is a massive thing complete with recording equipment and guitars (obvs). The driver was called Wiss and was an ex Black Sabbath roadie. I was entertained by the fact that the lights were snare drums and also that this thing could actually be driven around. It totally made me want to live on a bus full of guitar stuff.

Today there is a filmmaker brunch at 11am then the second screening of Disco takes place tonight at 9PM.The audiences are growing daily and the night slots seem to be getting more and more full, so fingers crossed we’ll have a great audience.




One Response to “NASHVILLE – DAY FOUR”

  1. Mattson Tomlin April 21, 2011 at 12:57 am #

    awesome. looking forward to its release!

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