19 Apr

Hello there!

So yesterday was real good. I began the day by having the most amazing breakfast at the famous Nashville Pancake Pantry, it was called the Chef’s Medley and was the most delicious thing I’ve eaten since I’ve been here. Admitedly it’s less appetizing in photo form but trust me it was totally tasty yeah.

Next me and filmmakers Miguel, Rob and Eliza walked through Hillsboro for about an hour taking in suburban Nashville to get more of a sense of the place and it’s architecture. We walked to the festival which took about an hour, helped burn off the medley let me tell ya.

Next I basically saw a triple bill of films including Venice winner ‘Summer of Goliath’, Clio Barnard’s ‘The Arbor’ and finally ‘Le Quattro Volte’.

I was completely engaged with ‘The Arbor’, it was incredibly intense and dramatic. However ‘Le Quattro Volte’ was utterly magnificent. Masterful, in fact. I urge you to see it.

After the triple header, my eyes were sore but there just so happened to be a latin film party on in the VIP tent so I met up with some other filmmakers that I’ve gotten to know over the last few days including New Yorker Ron from Slamdance winning feature ‘Stranger Things’, Mike from inuit film ‘Inuk’ along with his producer and star Ole. Ole had flown in from Greenland where the film was shot and was embracing every opportunity to have fun and LOLS.

With this in mind, we decided it was about time we checked out a Honky Tonk bar and headed Downtown to Roberts. It was exactly what I had expected, great music, beer and cowboy boots lining the wall. And people actually wear cowboy hats. Properly. I actually started to feel weird not wearing one. I think I may buy one. It’ll help me fit in. Yep, I’ll buy one.

The music scene along these honky tonks is such that country musicians as prolific as Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson and Dolly Parton have played and still play there after big shows. They simply show up and take over, playing into the early hours with the band. There is a seat in ‘Tootsies’ permanently reserved for Nelson such is the dedication to these artists.

Last night however we saw the house band and couples took it in turns to take to the dance floor and two step.

Today I’m gonna head down 7th which is right next to my hotel, If I keep walking I’ll eventually get to Jack White’s record shop ‘Third Man Records’ which is way down from the razzle dazzle of Broadway. They release rare and limited vinyl presses so I’m hoping to pick something up as I’m a big fan of his work. Then I’m gonna see ‘Inuk’ which I’m really looking forward to!



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