18 Apr

So yesterday was super fun times. The screening went great, and the reaction to the film was brilliant too, people laughed and clapped which you kind of always hope for! It looked absolutely amazing up there on the big screen, I’ve never seen the 35mm print look so massive and awesome. It was playing in a program among other shorts loosely termed ‘Grow Up Already’. It was a real mixed bag in terms of the tone and I realised when Disco played, how proud I am of what we’ve created. Also, I realised how glad I am that it’s a film that seems to make people feel fuzzy and warm as opposed to sad and depressed. (Or at least I hope so). But the thing which I most often take away from watching the film, is the performances. I’m so proud of Bill, Izzy, Charlie, Lil, Louie, Mark and Bradley as well as everyone else that features in the film. Well done homies.

I’m looking forward to the screening on Wednesday now, when you feel the buzz of watching something you’ve made with an audience, you just want more, it’s very moreish.

Now look at everyone having fun with the token British guy!

Whey hey! So aside from the Disco screening, I watched a bunch of other stuff including cult filmmaker Monte Hellman’s new film ‘Road To Nowhere’ and Brian Crano’s ‘A Bag of Hammers’. I’d seen Crano’s short ‘Rubberheart’ a few years ago and really loved it, so it was great to come and see his first feature. I really enjoyed it and I think he’s definitely a director to keep an eye on.

So today I’ve got plenty to choose from including documentary An African Election as well as The Arbor, Le Quattro Volte, The Sleeping Beauty, Stranger Things and The Troll Hunter. First, though, I’m going to grab breakfast with a few New York based filmmakers at the historic Pancake Pantry. Apparently they have every type of Pancake ever invented. Incredible. I’m totally gonna have my pan-cake and eat it.

See you later yeah?

L x


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