17 Apr

It’s 7 am here as I write and I can’t seem to shake off GMT (It’s 1pm in London) so I’ve decided to fill you in on my first day at the festival.

After sleeping off the gargantuan journey I got up and set about exploring downtown Nashville, my first screening wasn’t until four so I had a few hours to kill. I got Breakfast at this place called ‘Puckett’s Gro’. I had ham, eggs and gravy which was a new one on me. It was super delicious and a very manly restaurant. You could tell it was manly because the juice comes in JARS.

I loved it.

Next I took a stroll along Church and took a right on 5th Avenue down towards Broadway. As I walked I couldn’t help but notice that music was coming from somewhere on the street. My ears gravitated towards a small black, box shaped bin on the side of the road that was pumping out country music from a small speaker. Now that’s what I call rock n’ roll.

I continued to walk and as I did, several people I’d never met before said hello and asked how I was. It’s strange that we just don’t do this in London, but it’s so quiet and clean here, everyone is so warm and welcoming, that it feels easy and familiar. It certainly didn’t take long for me to catch on and I was basically high fiving strangers after that.

The charm and friendliness doesn’t stop with your average Nashville citizen, I ran into a few homeless people yesterday and they were equally courteous and polite. I later learned from the festival’s transport manager that they are some of America’s most well read homeless people, as they convene in public libraries throughout the day to keep warm. A side effect of this is that they must read inside and so have become incredibly well read. Apparently this leads to increasingly poetic and inventive methods of begging. Fascinating.

I headed down to the festival and picked up my passes. The lobby was littered with posters and filmmakers milling about. Aside from the usual publicity materials there seemed to be a slightly more extreme call for attention from the filmmakers behind feature sci fi ‘PIG’.

Throughout the day I saw a bunch of short films and I can honestly say that among them were some of the best shorts I’ve ever seen. Pick of the bunch was Eliza Hittman’s ‘Forever’s Gonna Start Tonight’ and Ariel Kleiman’s Sundance winner ‘Deeper Than Yesterday’ – both were excellent.

Another highlight was Cannes winner ‘Mary Last Seen’ which has been made into a feature called ‘Martha Marcy May Marlene’ if the short’s anything to go by it’ll be chilling and absolutely compelling.

So after the shorts were done there was a car shooting flames out it’s bum, outside on the red carpet. The car is called the Medusa and was featured in one of the films.

I’m starting to think I should’ve brought a disco ball. Or at least some Panda Pops.

Anyway after the flaming car incident, I sat down to watch ’13 Assassins’. Basically it was epic. I think my tweet about it kinda sums it up actually:

Today is the big day. Disco plays at 3pm Nashville time (9pm UK) and I cannot wait. The last couple of shorts on the program I saw yesterday were projected from 35mm prints and they looked spectacular so I’m sure Disco will look great.


Luke x


One Response to “NASHVILLE – DAY ONE”

  1. samclements April 17, 2011 at 2:18 pm #

    Nice! Good luck tonight sir!

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