One day to go until Disco’s world premiere at the CIFF…

1 Apr

It seems like an eternity has passed waiting for this moment but tomorrow at 1.30pm local time (6.30pm GMT) Disco will premiere at the Cleveland International Film Festival. It’s great to finally get the film out there and in front of audiences.

The festival has some brilliant films in competition and has a genuinely cool ethos (check out some of the posters above inspired by iconic movie roles).

Unfortunately I am shooting early next week and can’t attend the screening but it will be a special day for the film nonetheless.

I’ll try and get the low down on the reaction and keep you posted.

Rather excitingly, I will be attending the Nashville FF in mid April where there are two scheduled screenings of Disco complete with Q&A’s by yours truly (me). So you can expect a full blow by blow account of the film’s journey to Tennessee as well as any other shenanigans that I manage to get myself into.

Also at Nashville will be: 13 Assassins, A Bag of Hammers, Troll Hunter and The Arbor. Four films I cannot wait to see which result in a bizarre sounding shopping list.



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