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DISCO selected at the Cleveland IFF!

27 Jan

We have received our first festival selection! Woooo! Disco will be playing at the 35th Cleveland International Film Festival! It is a huge honour to be selected by such a prestigious and long running festival.

Cleveland is also an Oscar qualifying festival which is a huge deal so a big old pat on the back for everyone that has supported the film.

The festival takes place between March and April and screening dates will be posted nearer the time, but for now content yourself with these ‘must know’ facts about Cleveland!

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Archiving some of the most influential musicians and record producers’ impact on Rock music, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was opened by Pete Townshend and Chuck Berry in 1993 and hasn’t stopped kicking ass ever since.

The Cleveland Browns

That is one mean looking dog, and the Browns are no pushovers either. They’ve won 8 league championships and are the only team to have a helmet without a logo. COME ON THE BROWNS!

Oh and of course Cleveland Brown was named after them:

Happy Gilmore

Perhaps the most important thing to remember about Cleveland, is that Adam Sandler’sĀ funniest movie was shot there. The laugh riot that is ‘Happy Gilmore’ is a key indicator that Cleveland Ohio is in fact AWESOME.

Well that’s all for now,

Peas and Love