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Cast at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire

8 Dec

Last Friday night I went along with Chris from 2Am to see Cast at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire. As you’ve probably guessed from their huge involvement on the Disco soundtrack, they were one of my favourite bands growing up in the nineties and I was positively perspiring with anticipation (sweat) in the build up to them taking the stage.

John Power, which is coincidentally, the best front man name is rock history, swirled around like the scouse genius he is. He also seems to have mastered the art of eternal youth, looking and sounding like the Power from 15 years ago. He wasn’t the only one: Peter Wilkinson, Keith O’Neill and Liam Tyson all seemed in decent shape with not a paunch in sight. (Well not that I could see anyway.)

In 1995 ‘All Change’ was first released to critical and popular acclaim. Having not had the chance to see them live the first time around (I was 9 and my parents wouldn’t let me) it was a nostalgic and electrifying experience.

I also couldn’t help but feel a bond with the music, not only from growing up listening to it, but especially after using it on several sequences in Disco. As the, mostly balding, middle aged, northern men encircling me, put their arms around my shoulders and swayed to ‘Walkaway’. Or as the spray of cold beer, followed by the inevitable ping of plastic cups rained down around me to ‘Alright’. Or even, when wedged firmly among the swathes of loyal Cast fans jumping up and down like rubber topped pencils to ‘Guiding Star’, I couldn’t help but think about the film and how these songs have had an effect on not just me, but on these legions of parka wearing men and women, who were at one point, the real life characters of Danny, Greg, Pippa, Rachel and Dominic.

The closest you’ll probably get to my experience however, is feasting your eyeballs on Chris’ wobbly mobile phone photos. Quite how he managed to take these among the chaos I’ll never know.

Anyway, Cast are heading back to Liverpool for the end of their tour, and are recording a new album which you can pledge money to help them make. Aside from them – Suede, Pulp and Blur have all recently reformed and it feels like a very good time for Disco to be heading out into the world. Oh and Power was wearing the exact same Fred Perry polo as Greg (Charlie Rowe) wears in the film. It’s a sign. Thanks Fred. Oh and thanks Chris.

By the way, you should totally head over to the music section for the Disco Official Soundtrack spotify playlist. Totes.

O & O.

L x