Miscellaneous Awesomeness

8 Nov

Me putting a spell on the audience

Hello Disco Dudes and Dudettes.

I thought it was about time I check in and let you know whats going on with the film!

First of all you all need to drag your heinies over here because Disco now has an IMDB page! If you’ve had the pleasure of seeing the film you can log in and rate it and even write reviews if you’re a budding Mark Kermode or Claudia Winkleman. Plus, once again, if you like it, you can ‘LIKE’ it on Facebook, just so people know that you ‘LIKE’ it. I like it.

Secondly thanks to everyone that attended the premiere of the film, and everyone who has been so kind and complimentary about it. Also thanks to everyone involved in the film that couldn’t make it. For everyone else, you shouldn’t have to wait too much longer. Including the background cast who we will be holding a special screening for very soon!

Finally, a piece of great news, Disco will be screened in future from a 35mm print, which we will be striking very soon. If this sounds like gobbledygook, it basically means that the film will be transferred from it’s digital origin format (4K) onto a 35mm reel of film. This is the film that will be played out at festivals. It’s a very expensive and truly brilliant asset to have for the film, a huge thanks to Virgin for their help with this.

That is all the hot gossip for now, head over to the facebook group to do some more ‘LIKING’ or just to browse photos and more goss.

Bill looking bemused


Izz & Lil


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