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Press Ups

7 Oct


Just a quick one, there are some initial articles up under the Press tab for your viewing pleasure. Some really great stuff in there including the two interviews (below) myself and James did for the VMS award ceremony. Thank you to all the writers that put them together, the gang over at The Reel, Suzie from LU and Sophie from Virgin. Really appreciate all the positive comments!

Keep popping back for more press as it comes in.


Tank Girl (Still Luke, I don’t know why I sign off, it’s always me…) x





Virgin Media Shorts Award Ceremony 2010

7 Oct


Here's me telling an excellent joke which only female Milners find funny.


On Tuesday evening me, James, Jake, Tally, Burney and the Milner clan (Bill, Deb, Jo) were invited to this years Virgin Media Shorts Awards Ceremony. It was super exciting because, as last year’s winner they asked me if they could play Mixtape and the Trailer for DISCO as well as me having a bit of on stage banter with the Yes Man himself Danny Wallace.

The film and the trailer went down really well among film critic James King and Chris Collins from the UKFC and I managed not to make a fool out of myself on stage either which is always a bonus.

Highlights were chatting to Mike Newell and Danny Wallace, grooving my booty to La Roux on the wheels of steel, getting in the booth with the culprits below, and of course just hanging out with the homies. Shout out to the guys over at the Reel, especially to Chris whom I have promised to smash at Street Fighter Alpha 2 (Jamie has promised to referee dressed as M. Bison).


Yes Man Danny Wallace


Anyway, everyone had really lovely things to say about Mixtape and DISCO and the anticipation of it’s release is getting feverish!

Congratulations to the teams behind ‘Sign Language’ and ‘Bus Baby’ too for their big wins.

Ale Ale Alejandro (Luke) x