The Final Stretch and ‘Where Were They in 1997?’

10 Sep

So we’re approaching the finishing line and it looks as though DISCO will be completed within the next week or so!

That means there will be a teaser up just after that so keep your eyes peeled.

In the mean time you can content yourselves with a brand spanking new extra feature. Since the conception of DISCO I’ve always been really keen to do as much as possible on the fringes of the film, extra info and documentation of the process as well as more fun trivial stuff.

With that in mind we were going to put some rather hilarious photos of the crew in 1997 over the end credits of the film, but due to time restrictions on the post side and people having to dig out photos from long lost shoeboxes, we’ve decided to archive them on here instead. So check out the extra features tab for the ‘Where Were They In 97’ section.

I’ll keep adding to this as I get more photos and info from people but first, feast your eyes on the douchebag below!

Aside from the more fun stuff, I will begin to add more technical filmmakery stuff like storyboards and the shooting script once the film has embarked on it’s festival run.

“I’m so excited” – The Pointer Sisters (1982)


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