Post Production

2 Sep


Mark 'Burney' Burnett - our Film Editor

So we’re deep in the land of post production on DISCO and it’s been a truly bodacious journey.

We have locked picture, having finished the offline edit and are currently working on the grade, title sequences and sound work.

After pulling together a great team on the shoot we’ve managed to wangle an amazing team in post too, with Speade (Sexy Beast, Birth), MPC (Watchmen, X-Men, Casino Royale, Harry Potter and many more) and fonicLAB (Somerstown, This Is England, Dead Man’s Shoes, Donkey Punch) taking offline, online and sound duties respectively. Awesome.

We’re hoping to have finished the film by the 15th of September in time for festival submissions and a teaser trailer should be winging it’s way towards your eyes very soon.

I’m totally happy with the film and it is very much what I set out to make which is a really satisfying feeling to me.

As you may have realised from the casting and hints over on my blog, DISCO is very much a follow up to Mixtape. I can also reveal that I am currently developing my debut feature film which will again follow on from DISCO and complete the ‘Brit Pop Trilogy’. Can’t say much more at this point so keep your ears peeled.

I cant wait for you all to see DISCO and I hope you love it as much as I loved making it.

love and kisses big time,



Grading with Ricky


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